Who is Teldra?


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    Who is Teldra?

    Post by Azelie on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:01 pm

    Many people believe that Teldra was the first person able to use magic after it had gone haywire- and those people look at her as something of a heroine. Others think she isn't even female as we know it; but is an embodiment of magic that had been given its own name, personality and appearance. The one thing that everyone knows is that Teldra is not a goddess; for she has no followers, no true believers and absolutely no worshipers- nor does she need them in order to exist. If her words are to be believed though, she has been around since Borasco was first formed and will always be here. She has never told anyone if Teldra is even her real name- and it is unlikely that she ever will.

    It is an indisputable truth that she will appear before those who need her the most- though we do not know exactly what it is that calls her to another person's side; whether it is their spirits crying out for help, troubled minds reaching out to grasp at her, or something that she alone is able to feel. However, the being known as Teldra seems to be able to appear without warning near those that she is drawn to, for one reason or another- and she will not leave their side until they no longer need her.

    Her form is hard for people to describe- as no two individuals can describe her as looking the same, save for the fact that the edges of her form glimmer and waver, as though she is not exactly stable. There have been accounts of her appearing as a magnificent jeweled dagger during a warrior's fevered dreams, as a young and beautiful girl to dying children, or as an old, matronly lady. Still other people say that she has taken the form of a cat, a bird, various weapons and musical instruments. While people who swear they have actually been touched by her say that she was actually with them and that they could physically feel her touch, she is actually only seen within their minds. Her physical manifestation is simply an area of air that shimmers and vaguely glitters; as though alluding to someone or something being there, without actually physically being there.

    One of the things that people know her best for is her ability and desire to guide the prematurely dead back to our plane of existence. Those whom are recently dead and deserving of a second chance will meet her at the edge of The Dreamlands, where it is said that she will pose a trial to them and that if they pass that trial, they are sent back to our existence to continue their life, as though they had simply taken a long rest- that they will waken refreshed and restored, but fundamentally changed in ways that cannot be seen. Ways that the person in question does not always understand, or even notice. And then there are those certain people that Teldra views as special; those who end up awakening with a gift from her- usually a small ability, or a token of some sort; something that lets them know she will always be near. These people are said to have been touched by her and some scholars think by giving those people a gift, Teldra is passing part of herself along to them.

    Accounts of who and what she is vary widely; some people honestly believe she was a woman at one time, while others think she is a weapon of some sort. Regardless of whether she is living or just part of the world, a particle of a dream that has become reality, a magnificent blade or some sort of relic searching for its master, the one thing that can be said is that she is here and that no one has been able to figure out just who or what she might really be. One day, perhaps, someone might just uncover this greatest of mysteries- but at that time, we have no way of knowing what will happen to Borasco. Only time will tell.

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