A Treatise On Today's Magic


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    A Treatise On Today's Magic

    Post by Azelie on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:17 pm

    Magic is a force that had faded away from Borasco four hundred years ago after going haywire and is only recently awakening again. Much like the technological advances that died along with magic, not everyone is able to understand exactly what magic was supposed to be, or why only a handful of people can figure out how to use it. The people of Borasco call magic-users "sorcerors," "witches," or "mages," for no reason other than those titles can be found in a precious few books on magic that had survived the Great Fall.

    While it seems that in the past, people were able to learn how to use the forces of magic, that just simply is not possible any longer. These days, people are born either knowing how to use magic- or not and it does not appear that people who cannot use it ever will be able to. Today's magic does not favor one particular race, country, or sex- it comes just as naturally to some people as breathing or sleeping does to others. At least, that is what it looks like to the scholars who have dedicated their lives to uncovering exactly what magic is and why not everyone is able to use it.

    Evidence suggests that people who were born with the gift of magic do not think any differently than other people who fit their age group or racial tendencies- and the people who are able to use magic look no different than those who cannot. Stranger still is that if a child is born to two parents who are known sorcerors, it is unlikely that their child will be able to use the gift at all- so it is not something that can be easily passed down through the generations. It also appears that there are several different kinds of magic- and different degrees of power. Some mages may have an extremely strong affinity for controlling the forces of nature, whereas other people have a very weak healing ability. Still others seem to be able to read dreams or predict others' futures, while some can make illusions out of shadows.

    We do not know enough about magic at this time to figure out just how many different classifications it might fall into- or how. However, there are numerous scholars who are dedicated to studying magic-users in a controlled environment and figuring out how they might be able to replicate their abilities. Unfortunately, our studies have not proven fruitful and several mages have died while they were being studied, no matter how they might be treated.

    Stranger still is how the people of Borasco view magic and its users. There are some people who venerate witches and warlocks as though they are descendants of Teldra herself. However, other people fear and some even hate magical practicioners like the plague. There are other people still who do not and cannot bring themselves to believe that magic exists in our world, even if they are watching the miraculous art that a sorceror can perform.

    One day, though...

    One day soon, we are certain that people will be able to use magic, just as we are growing closer to understanding the technology left behind by our ancestors. And once we are able to use magic as freely as the people who came before us, the people of Borasco will be able to reclaim the glory they once knew. All we need is one breakthrough.

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