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    About Characters: II

    Post by Azelie on Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:24 am

    One of the things that sets Borasco apart from most other RP forums is that we allow all RP characters that would fit in the world. Borasco is a low-fantasy RP set in a very original world. Therefore, we will allow nearly any original character you want to bring in. However, you are limited to races that would fit a fantasy or horror setting. No modern-day characters or futuristic ones will be permitted- but all others are, including races of your own devising.. within reason.

    While we do not want to damper your imagination or creativity here, we will let you know right off the bat that we do not allow unreasonable multi-hybrid characters that could never happen in a million and one years. What this means is we will not allow multi-hybrids [example: angel-demon-dragon-werewolf-elf] or hybrids that just would never make sense and wouldn't work in twenty lifetimes [example: demon-angel or dragon-gryphon].

    In other words, while creativity and fun are the two things that we strive for here more than anything else, you must not become unreasonable when you're creating your character. A two-race hybrid that can be explained is perfectly acceptable. However, a four-race hybrid that is super powerful and maybe even a little godlike will not be permitted under any circumstances.

    When it comes to professions, we are also very open to what your character might do for a living. However, please be aware that your character's profession is what they do to make a living. Their race is not their job and their job is not their race.

    Even though we do allow our RPers to decide what kind of magic they want their magic-using characters to use and decide what spells these individuals might have at their disposal, please keep in mind that magic is not overly commonplace here (yet) and as such, magic-users may receive somewhat different treatment than non-magic users. As such, depending on the character who is encountering the magic-user, they may be feared, venerated, hated, respected, or a combination thereof.

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