A Short Note About Characters


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    A Short Note About Characters

    Post by Azelie on Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:17 pm

    It will seem weird, especially given our setting, to expect a modicum of realism here. However, that is exactly what is expeted, in regard to your characters- but it might mean less than you probably anticipate.

    First of all, no one is perfect. In fact, perfection is something we find to be exceptionally boring here. That being said, no, your character is not a gorgeous blonde goddess with great tits and better legs, nor is she mother to eleven daughters, each one more beautiful than the last. No, your character is not a bad-ass mercenary who also happens to be a scholar, friend to all puppies and a walking arsenal who innately knows how to use every weapon he looks at. Characters who are flawless to look at and have absolutely no personality flaws not only come across looking like huge douchenozzles, but they also irritate other RPers. Give your character or characters depth. Let them have weaknesses, fears and flaws, give them things they can't stand, make them want things. Make them interesting.

    Now, while there are safeguards in place that prevent characters from getting killed unless that's what their RPer wants, there are repercussions for what they do. Action breeds reaction, after all- and if your character does something either exceptionally good, incredibly twisted, or dumbfoundingly stupid, word will eventually get out. I'm not saying not to have fun while you're RPing (because the point of RP is to have fun) but that your character could very well end up creating a reputation for themself, depending on their actions or inactions.

    Something else to keep in mind is other people's characters. What I mean by that is, it's incredibly fun to play a major asshole or royal bitch; just someone extremely abrasive. Keep in mind that if you encounter either a villain or a character who's just plain abrasive, that character's RPer has absolutely nothing against you OOC. They're just doing what any good RPer should do, by staying true to their character. Don't let your feelings get hurt if and when you might end up coming across a character that isn't kind to your character- the other person is simply writing how their character would behave.

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