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    Rules and Guidelines

    Post by Azelie on Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:31 pm

    In order for any good RP forum to be successful, there do have to be general rules. Our rules are not hard to follow and most are simply common sense things. However, as there may be people new to RP here, it is important to outline them, that way everyone knows what is expected.

    1. Respect is crucial. Every member of Borasco is both welcome here and extremely valuable and as such, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and common decency. Therefore, we have absolutely no tolerance for fighting, harrassment, or general dickish behavior OOC. If you are caught treating someone like an ass, you will receive one warning via PM. If you continue to be an ass, you're gone. It's as simple as that.

    2. Communication is important. Given the nature of our forum, it is important to know exactly what your RP partner is comfortable with, first and foremost. Second, if you have any questions, you can most definitely ask- because no question is ever considered stupid here. Plus, sometimes it can be nice to actually get to know the person or people you're RPing with; which is why we have the OOC boards too. ^.^

    3. While some people might not like the thought, we do not allow anyone under the age of seventeen (17) to join and RP here. If you are found to be under the age of seventeen (17), your account will be deleted and your IP address will be banned.

    4. Chatspeak and abbreviations are not allowed in RP areas, under any condition. Save them and any symbols ((with the exception of double parenthesis such as these, which donate an OOC remark)) for the OOC sections of the site.

    5. Every character you create needs to have their own account- and these accounts need to be under that particular character's first name or alias/nickname. This just makes it easy on everyone and yes, you can have an OOC account as well, if you want to make one.

    6. Profanity is permissible. However, no matter how foul a mouth your character might have, don't fucking make them look like a fucking douchenozzle drunkard bastard with a horrible fake impression of tourette's syndrome! If your character talks like that, it just makes them look dumb- and unless that's what you're going for, it is advised you don't do it.

    7. Remember that villains and assholes are just as fun and necessary as heroes here; so if you want to play an abrasive character or one of the bad guys, then feel free to do so!

    8. Do not take OOC things IC and vice versa. Your characters do not know what you do OOC and if something happens while you are IC, then it does not impact how you treat other people when you are out of character.

    9. While we do not have a word count here, we do not allow one-liners or what is known as post jockeying. When you are RPing with someone else, we expect you to put in some sort of effort and as such, your posts cannot be shorter than one paragraph in length. We consider twelve (12) sentences to be one paragraph here. There is absolute no maximum length here.

    10. We operate on fluid time. Which means that you can have your character or characters involved in more than one thread at once- however, during threads that happen at the same time, your character will not have the knowledge of any of those threads, until they are completed.

    11. There is no character limit here. As long as you can comfortably manage a small army of characters and none of them are carbon copies of the other, feel free to make and play them.

    12. Adult themes. These are usually viewed as the elephant in the room for many RP sites. Borasco is a little more lenient than most, though. While Borasco is not and never will be a smut site filled with characters whoring it up, there's nothing  wrong with your characters teasing, flirting, being affectionate, being shameless, or getting some every now and again. However, such things must be handled in a tactful, tasteful manner. We do have a fade-to-black rule, which states that if your characters are going to do the dirty, you do a "fade out" when it gets to that point. If the thread would progress afterward, you are more than welcome to pick up with what would happen after.

    13. Blood, Gore, etc. We do permit threads in which there are things such as bloodshed, gore, or torture going down. However, we do ask that you handle these things tastefully as well and do not create bloodbath or torture threads just for the sake of it. They need to progress your character's story in one way or another, since we're not a B-movie slasher, nor are we a slaughterhouse fanfic.

    14. No superpowered, omnipotent characters, perfect characters, or walking arsenals are allowed.  End of story.

    15. We do ask that everyone who joins is active here. As most people do have outside lives, we ask that you post at least twice a week, though, when you are involved in an RP. And when you are going to be away for a while, please post a notice on the OOC board, rather than just leaving us in the dark.

    16. You do not have to wait for your character' s sheet to be approved. Once you have posted your character's information, you are more than welcome to jump in and start RPing.

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