How Magic Has Changed The World


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    How Magic Has Changed The World

    Post by Azelie on Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:10 pm

    Before the war that had erradicated our ancestors, before magic went haywire and exploded, it seems as though our home was quite different than we know it now. There are a few ancient texts that still describe the way things used to be- the way our home used to be. It seems as though magic's explosion had stretched far and wide, changing things for better or worse.

    The first thing that we know is that not one of our people look anything like our ancestors supposedly did. Back before magic divided the people, we looked much different than we do now. Supposedly, we were all of one race; a tall and elegant, slender and beautiful people. They were supposed to have been as pale as a cloud, with hair like finely-spun silver or gold and eyes like starlight. Supposedly, our ancestors all spoke one language and everyone could understand each other, no matter what country they came from. What few history books remain state that the language was complicated to write, but eay to speak.

    Back then, it is said that the trees all had green leaves and brown bark, no matter where you went. Water never glowed at night back then either and their animals were nothing like ours. Their birds didn't spit poison, their horses had four legs instead of six, their cows weren't scaly. Their world was vastly different from our own and nothing they had in the past would survive the way Borasco is today.

    Goats? Our goats have two front legs and one hind; with bird-like claws that help them grasp the rocks they climb. Our wooly little sheep are carnivorous and have no qualms biting chunks out of their owners. None of our dogs stand shorter than waist-height to a human male, they have two tails, are extremely muscular and certain species can spray foul oil, like a skunk. Our smallest cats are knee-high to a human woman and can hunt badgers. Some of our pigs are large enough to ride. None of our animals are anything like what our ancestors had ever seen. Even our plants are different than our ancestors wrote about.

    To compare their world with the way ours has become, one could easily say that ours is some form of hell. But it is our home and we must make what we can of it- for better, or worse.

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