What Is Borasco?


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    What Is Borasco?

    Post by Azelie on Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:59 pm

    Borasco is an RP forum, which is not the answer that anyone was looking for- but that is actually the long and short version. However, an explanation of what that means is as follows:

    We are a roleplay (or RP) forum, though another term that may be used is collaborative writing, in a sense. This is because we do not use more modern gimmicks such as play-by images, shops, competitions, points, or anything of the sort. In a way, we are a RP site that is 'returning to the basics," inasmuch as there is nothing flashy here. There are no OOC rewards to obtain, no achievements, nothing of that nature.

    However, do not let our lack of shiny things fool you: Borasco is anything but a simple and boring place. Unlike some other sites, though, our focus is on the written word, rather than on pretty graphics or things that a user can obtain. The written word is what paints our pictures here and because of that, we manage to avoid the snobbery that can every now and again happen on an RP site that has rewards and competitions.

    We welcome people of all RP levels and writing styles here. As long as you put some effort into creating your character and writing their little place in our strange world, you will be more than welcome to join our ranks. It is our characters that shape the world and grow with it- and everyone counts here. So get yourself some coffee, kick back and stay with us a while.

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